Africa PMP Initiative FAQs

What is the Africa PMP Initiative?

This is a program designed to help everyone who would like to take the PMP exam and get certified. Under the initiative, more information and insights about PMP exam eligibility, application and payment process (including a discount on the PMP exam fee) is shared. We created a video that has a step by step guide.

How long will the initiative go on and what region does it cover?

The initiative covers the Sub-Saharan Africa region is meant to last for the entire year of 2021. However, the exact discounts will vary in different quarters of the year (Q2 – 26%, Q3 – 15% & Q4 – 10%).

What benefits do I get under the initiative?

The initiative offers a variety of benefits to those willing to take PMP exam:

  • Discount on PMP exam fee
  • Get connected to an Authorized Training Partners (ATP) to get training and guidance before sitting for the exam.
  • Free Chapter membership for the first 10 members who reach out to us or chapters. This will be on first come first serve basis.

For further inquiries, please send us an email at

Who is eligible to get discount under this initiative?

You are eligible to receive the discount only if you have applied for the PMP exam and are eligible to sit for the exam. We will ask you to share with us the confirmation email received showing your eligibility.

What is the discount amount offered under this initiative?

Active PMI Zimbabwe Chapter Members paying for the exam – $300 (26% discount) 2 Note: Candidates without PMI Zimbabwe Chapter membership must add this to the cart in addition to the PMP exam fee for the discount code to work.

Is it only restricted to PMI and Chapter members?

For the discount code to work, the PMI Zimbabwe Chapter memberships must be added to the cart alongside the PMP exam fee. Eligibility criteria for individuals to avail the Africa PMP discount is to be active PMI and Africa Chapter Member.

What is the process of getting the discount? Are there any requirements?

The main requirement is the eligibility to sit for the PMP exam. To get this eligibility, you must meet the minimum qualification for the PMP application.

What happens if I have already paid for my PMP exam, do I still qualify for the discount? Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, the discount is only applicable before payment of the exam fee. Once you have already paid, you can no longer use the code. Also, there will be no refunds given if you do not use the discount code.

Is the discount applicable to PMP certification only?

In addition to the discount on the PMP Certification, we are also offering discount on new PMI Products; Wicked Problem Solving (25%) Design Thinking and Organizational Transformation Foundation (35% discount). Eligibility criteria for individuals to avail the discount is to be active PMI and Africa Chapter Member. Please visit the link for more details about both products.

Wicked Problem Solving Design Thinking:

Organizational Transformation Foundation:

My Company would like to make the payment on my behalf, how do I go about it?

Payments from the companies and/or organizations attract more discount if there in bulk (25 or more). We encourage you to inquire if there are more employees who the company would like to pay for, then let us know. We will then share an official invoice and apply the discount once payment is submitted. However, if only one person is from the company/organization, we would encourage you to complete the payment online using the code and then have an arrangement for reimbursement from your company.

Can I pay for PMP exam and schedule for the exam at a later date?

However, you may only do the exam within your eligibility period. To confirm your eligibility period, refer to myPMI.

Is it a must for me to go through ATPs working with the chapter for training?

No. If you have already gone through a training with a different ATP, this is not necessary. Also, you may choose a different authorized training partner that you see fit.

Are there any webinars associated with the initiative that could be beneficial to me?

Yes. The PMI Zimbabwe Chapter is hosting webinars to give more information about the initiative and help candidates in their journey to PMP certification. In addition, the chapter is also hosting virtual PMP exam training sessions in collaboration with ATPs. In case you have further inquiries, please send us an email at