To Join PMI Chapter:

New members are required to be a member of PMI; you can join PMI and PMI Zimbabwe Chapter at the same time. Go to Memberships. When joining the global organization, you will be given an opportunity to also join a chapter. Use the "chapter listings" link to find the Zimbabwe Chapter.

Already a Member?

To Join PMI Chapter:

If you are already a member of PMI, but not yet a member of the PMI Zimbabwe Chapter, you can add chapter membership to your profile by following these steps in either of the two options below:

Option 1
Click join Zimbabwe Chapter: 500clubbadge
Option 2
Go to (the global PMI website ) and log in

Go to the myPMI dashboard and follow the steps to find and join a chapter.

Use the "Chapter Listings" link to find the Zimbabwe Chapter.

Membership Benefits

Your membership of the Project Management Institute (Zimbabwe Chapter) connects you to a vibrant global community and supports your career development and growth. Some of the benefits are listed below and those include:


Global Community

Career Resources & Professional Development

Rewards & Discounts

We have members across all the provinces, be a part of a highly professional community and enjoy the benefits that comes with it:

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While you pursue the most interesting and rewarding opportunities at every stage of your career, we’re here to offer you support wherever you are in Zimbabwe and in whichever sector you have chosen to work.
Bernard Pungu, PMP,VP Membership